Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini I am still trying to get all my emotions out of the way on how this book ended! I was deciding whether or not to join in on a buddy read in one of my groups that were reading this book, but boy am I glad I did! I loved this book sooo much!!!!

I do not like that her name is "Helen", I just don't like reading that name for some reason, but beyond that, Helen is awesome! I seem to be liking more characters by every book I read. But Helen annoyed me a few times through the book but boy do I wish I was her! First: She has gorgeous LUCAS! Although her mom tricked them into thinking there were family so they think they can't be together. Second: She has amazing powers! I wish i could fly, it would be awesome to fly to Paris within 10 minutes and still make it back in time for dinner. And I wish I was stronger than all the boys at my school :D

Ah, I am falling in love. So far, even though I fall in love with almost all the guys I read about, I think Lucas is by far the best out of all them. At first I was getting mad at him because I thought he was just teasing Helen by leading her on but there was so much more than that I just wish he was apart of my life. Is it so bad to wish he was in my life?

Overall, this book was 20 out of 20 stars good! I recommend this book to everybody who likes romance, schemes and all that powery stuff :D