Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater During this book, it did take it awhile until it turned into yet another page turner for me. The ending did not really shock me, it was kind of obvious that that would happen but it is still great to know that it happened. I will not spoil it for you guys (:

Grace is your ordinary (almost) teenager, she would be completely normal if she did not live in a town with a bunch of wolves and based on the fact that she has been bitten before, and nothing ever happened to her. I am anxious to read the next book in the series but sadly it will have to wait until I can finish a whole list of books I need to complete. Anyways, I hope to read a lot more of Grace in the next book with more interesting reasons on why she has not changed.

Sam is a sweety. Although, he did not make it onto my list of my dream guys. He is very caring and so very sweet. Any girl would be lucky to have him, I just don't like the eyes. They say he has yellow eyes when a wolf and human but when I read he had yellow eyes. I don't think of it as normal eye colors, no I picture glowing eyes! I can't seem to picture him with normal yellow eyes for some reason, so I just stayed with brown haha! I wonder what is going to happen with him through the next book, I have yet to read the summary of the next book but I sure am going to do that right now to see where Sam and Grace takes me next!

I am still trying to understand why she was so happy with what happened to her. I would have felt like hell if it was me that has to go through with it! I hope she comes back through the next book as well! Ok, I think I might have to fit Linger in my schedule somewhere to read the book.

Jake: -Spoiler-
Huh, no shock there. I was surprised by the way it went for him. I think the part that shocked me the most was when Maggie wrote "he died 15 minutes later" so easily. I was taken aback and had to reread it several times to actually move on to the next page. I honestly thought Jake was going to be one of those dangerous wolves, but I was surprised to find out how well he was acting. Although I know he was struggling, he wasn't like "ah I'm gonna kill you" like I thought he was going to be doing lol!

So overall, I really need to go onto the next book, [b:Linger|6654313|Linger (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2)|Maggie Stiefvater||6848948], I hope to get into it somewhere this month or it may have to wait until November. Let me know below if you have read the second the book and if it was as good as Shiver, or better, or worse!