Fire Burns

Fire Burns - Trista Day **I recieved a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

This book was awesome! I loved the characters, especially Draven, he was amazing. Callie was alright, she was a bit annoying, but she was cool. There were points when I wanted to slap the book, and points where I was anxious to turn to the next page already.

When it ended, I was upset, mostly because it was a Cliff Hanger! (And almost all of you guys who know me, you guys know how much I hate Cliff Hangers) I was so upset, I was sitting on my bed with my mouth hanging open. Soo, I finally turned the page and all I said was - YAY!!!

Trista Day is currently writing Book 2 (I honestly didn't know this was a series, let alone a trilogy) I am anxious to read the next book!!

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