The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman Rating - 10 Gold Stars

I do not recall this book being this good as I read it before. This book made me cry around the end. I literally dropped the book with my mouth hanging open as I finished. I was surprised by the ending, this was an amazing book! I would re-read all the time if I could!

Wow, Bod was amazing. He is so smart, and I am surprised of all the things he did when he was young. He was simply amazing, I have never in my life read a character like him before! (In a good way) I loved him so much. He was a curious, intelligent, and cool kid/guy.

Scarlett wasn't all that great in my opinion. Who tries to run away from someone who saved her life? I would have loved being Bod's friend. I couldn't believe how it turned out in the ending.

The Man Jack:
Creepy. That is the only word I can describe him as. Well, I just thought of a few more: Creepy, Scary, Mean, Freaky, etc. He was the only thing that really frightened me in the book. I was seriously creeped out by this man. Especially what happened when he had "information" about what Scarlett was asking him when he was pretending to be another man. Man, that was really creepy.

Overall, I enjoyed this book so much better than I did when I first read this in January. I do not understand how I gave this book 4 * before, when it clearly deserved 10 gold stars. But since it does not allow me to give this book 10 gold stars, I stuck with 5 gold stars.